Mayo Salmon Rice bowl

PREP TIME:10 mins
COOK TIME:10 mins

Group Ingredients Imp Metric Lazy No-Leftover
:shallow_pan_of_food: Salmon 500g :white_check_mark:
:shallow_pan_of_food: Avocado (sliced) 1 :white_check_mark:
:shallow_pan_of_food: Jalapeno(sliced) 1 :white_check_mark:
:shallow_pan_of_food: Seaweed sheets 10 sqcm * 4 :white_check_mark:
:bowl_with_spoon: Mayo(as much as you like) 4 tbsp :white_check_mark:
:bowl_with_spoon: Salt 2 pinches :white_check_mark:
:bowl_with_spoon: Rice 1 cup :white_check_mark:


  1. Pan fry the :shallow_pan_of_food: Salmon. Turn the :shallow_pan_of_food: Salmon when each side when they turn golden until its cooked through. No oil needed.

  2. Break cooked Salmon in your preferred container and add :bowl_with_spoon:Mayo and :bowl_with_spoon:Salt to your taste.

  3. Mix your rice in the Salmon&Mayo. Or you can serve the rice separately.

  4. Put sliced :shallow_pan_of_food: Jalapeno&:shallow_pan_of_food: Avocado on top of mayo Salmon rice. If serving separately, put :shallow_pan_of_food: Jalapeno&:shallow_pan_of_food: Avocado on top of Salmon&Mayo mix.

  5. Cut :shallow_pan_of_food: Seaweed sheets into small pieces to eat with the rice. Or roll the mayo Salmon rice in seaweed sheet to eat.